Most of us aren't going to win a Nobel Prize this week, or any other week for that matter. I'm gradually coming to accept that I'll probably never top the UK Mathematical Challenge Gold Award & Best in School that I won aged 17—not as impressive as it sounds (if ever it sounded impressive at all), since my school was, shall we say, less than illustrious. But that doesn't mean there's no fun to be had for those of who won't be waiting by the phone (or, as is apparently the fashion this year, boarding a long-haul flight) tomorrow morning.

So how to entertain ourselves this week? Sylvain Deville suggests prank-calling colleagues:

The more Swedish-chef-from-the-Muppets the accent the better, I say.

Alternatively, you could mercilessly troll scientists in other fields, as expertly demonstrated by Adam Rutherford:

Best of all this year, though, is surely to follow Jonathan Eisen's example and force your way into the Twitter feed on the Nobel Prize website:

Anything tweet including #nobelprize2014 appears in the feed, initially unfiltered. It's certainly the closest I'll get to active involvement in a Nobel Prize announcement. It seems that there is someone behind the scenes removing spurious tweets—my effort below disappeared after 10 minutes or so, although I maintain that it was a reasonable enquiry.


Assuming you're quick on the screen-grab, you can then tweet the image alongside the hashtag for multi-level meta goodness.

Now to think of something funny crude irreverent respectful to insert into tomorrow's chemistry proceedings.

Update Oct 8th, 2014: So here it is. My brush with chemistry physics-applied-to-biology history: